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What does stores URLs which have been provided by users and fakes them to new URLs. Fake-URLs are intended to be very short and not to hide the original web address, since they will be displayed in the browsers address field after clicking the fake-URL.

Fake URL Examples

  • Redirects
    What happens, if someone clicks a faked URL? His browser simply gets an HTTP status code (301), which tells the browser, the requested document has been moved permanently. This is quite important, because the 301 status code also tells search engines (such as Google, etc.) to check the original source in the future and also to vote the click as a hit for the source and not for's website.

    Previews are totally magic! You may get a preview of each faked URL by adding an * (an asterisk) at the end of your faked URL. Just like:*

    The system of uses an Apache Webserver, a MySQL database and PHP sites.

    The only information stored are: original web address, faked URL.

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